Ivy 1.4.1 is mainly a bug fix version, upgrade from 1.4 is strongly recommended.

It has been released on 2006-11-09.



Changes log

- IMPROVE: ability to rebuild all dependent projects from a leaf (IVY-101)
- IMPROVE: Artifact pattern list attribute for the ivy:publish (IVY-113)
- IMPROVE: Measure code coverage (IVY-323)
- IMPROVE: add release target to build file (IVY-339)
- IMPROVE: Add a 'conf' parameter to the ivy 'publish' ant task (IVY-322) (thanks to Emmanuel Pellereau)

- FIX: retrieve fails when resolve is done with useOrigin set to true (IVY-304)
- FIX: IVY complains about non-existent reports in the cache directory (IVY-315)
- FIX: Typo in failureproperty attribute of Ant resolve task (IVY-327) (thanks to Jean-Baptiste Quenot)
- FIX: ivy:resolve useOrigin fails to behave correctly (IVY-332)
- FIX: ChainVersionMatcher doesn't handle IvyAware children version matchers (IVY-331)
- FIX: latest.<status> does not work properly when no matching revision exist (IVY-318)
- FIX: attribute name in macrodef is not handled as expected (IVY-319)
- FIX: confmappingoverride doesn't work for configurations extending from "*(public)" (IVY-326)