Changes log (2005-06-13)

- remote configuration (if available) of ivyrep and ibiblio patterns and roots
- new detailed messages when ivy fails to reach an url (thanks to Nicolas)
- new artifactproperty task, which enables to set a property for each dependency artifacts resolved by ivy
- new defaultconf attribute in ivy file dependencies, to change the default conf to use in the file when no conf is specified for a dependency
- add the ability to change the xsl file and report name pattern used by report task
- http listing now compatible with tomcat listing (tested with 5.0.28)
- pub revision in deliver task now defaults to timestamp if not provided by any other way
- debug messages improvements, with configuration dump among others
- new var task, enables to set ivy variables from ant
- now defaults for ivyrep and ibiblio resolver are configurable by variables
- refactoring: introduce the notion of BasicResolver, Repository, Resource, RepositoryResolver, making much easier the task of writing basic resolvers
- added checkmodified attribute on all basic resolvers, which defaults to ${ivy.resolver.default.check.modified}
This makes ivy check last modified date of ivy files to see it its cache is up to date
- artifacts download are now first made to a temp file, which is renamed only at the end of the download.
This prevent interrupted downloads to be considered as finished
- FIX: handle proxy configuration with http-client (thanks to Nicolas)
- FIX: remove dependency on ant outside of ant integration classes
- FIX: resolve problem when conflicts on latest revisions
- FIX: allow use of any kind of URL in IvyRepResolver (both ivyroot and artroot) and IBibiblioResolver
- FIX: chain resolver can now be used for artifacts part of dual resolver
- FIX: now detects and warn about circular dependencies
- FIX: cachepath task now takes pathid as parameter instead of id, to prevent
special handling from ant
- FIX: ivy.xsd: set artifact minOccurs to 0 in publications

Thanks to John Shields from Robert Half International, Inc.:
- FIX: no more infinite loop when a conflict occurs between a latest subversion and a fully resolved revision
- FIX: BasicURLHandler now closes its connections
- FIX: ApacheURLLister now works with capital letter in revisions and truncated names
- now use of ivy variables is allowed in ivy files
- added a null check in pattern helper substitute


ivy-1.1-bin.zip (999 kB)
ivy-1.1-src.zip (738 kB)
ivy-1.1-src-withdep.zip (1001 kB)