Changes log (2006-03-30)

This version is bugfix release, upgrade from 1.3 is strongly recommended.
- FIX: retrieval of multiple artifacts in different configurations does not work as expected (IVY-188)
- FIX: configuration http url include doesn't work with commons http client (IVY-203)
- FIX: problem with conflict resolution in transitive dependencies (IVY-199)
- FIX: pb with force when it comes after a conflict which has already been solved (IVY-193)
- FIX: POM files that reference to the parent artifact download fails (IVY-195) (thanks to Tat Leung)
- FIX: M2 compatibility does not take into account the . replacement for publishing artifacts (IVY-191) (thanks to Peter Hayes)
- FIX: artifactproperty does not set the [conf] token in the pattern to the correct value. It is always set to 'default'. (IVY-123) (thanks to Peter Oxenham)


ivy-1.3.1-bin.zip (1.57 MB)
ivy-1.3.1-src.zip (1.27 MB)
ivy-1.3.1-src-withdep.zip (1.65 MB)
ivy-doc-1.3.1.zip (1.6MB) (New! Easily browsable offline)