Changes log (2005-03-11)

- added latest sub revision feature: you can now select the latest sub revision of a module using a +. For instance, "1.0+" selects the latest revision starting with 1.0. (thanks to jonas for the idea)
- haltonfailure now defaults to true (as suggested by Jeroen)
- shorter info lines to better view important info (as suggested by Jeroen)
- retrieve now checks if files are up to date before copying them from cache. This feature can be disabled using the checkUpToDate attribute in ivy configuration file.
- do not download dependencies when not necessary during publication (as suggested by Daniele)
- bug fix: better handling of publish without recursive delivery


ivy-0.7-bin.zip (951 kB)
ivy-0.7-src.zip (745 kB)
ivy-0.7-src-withdep.zip (1008 kB)