Changes log (2006-03-06)

- IMPROVE: Retrieve task now also optionally do ivy file downloads (IVY-167) (with the contribution of Costin Leau)

- FIX: ivy variable substitution in ivy files (IVY-186)
- FIX: force attribute is not treated as it should in some cases (IVY-182)
- FIX: problem reading 'invalid' POMs (IVY-153)
- FIX: cryptic NPE due to spelling error in ivy.xml (IVY-177)
- FIX: conflicts with dynamic revisions not resolved properly (IVY-181)
- FIX: incorrect configuration definition gives misleading NullPointerException (IVY-175)
- FIX: throw an error when using a non-existing conflict manager as default (IVY-179) (thanks to Maarten Coene)
- FIX: eviction problem with different conflicts in multiple confs (IVY-173)


ivy-1.3-RC3-bin.zip (1.56 MB)
ivy-1.3-RC3-src.zip (1.26 MB)
ivy-1.3-RC3-src-withdep.zip (1.64 MB)