Changes log (2005-09-16)

Note: due to a bad delivery operation, version 1.2 found on this site from 2005-09-14 to 2005-09-16 was not the intended 1.2 version. Please use 1.2a instead

- new ivy.deps.changed property set if there are changes since last resolve (IVY-71)
- new buildlist task: calculate order of dependencies of subprojects for easy multi-projects builds (IVY-69)
- accept organization as token (IVY-55)
- added type filtering mechanism on resolve task (IVY-45)
- detect and warn about resolver using ivy cache as repository (IVY-53)
- new transitive attribute on dependency, which enable to disable transitive dependency management on a particular dependency (thanks to Ingo Adler) (IVY-20)
- new '@' in dependency configuration mapping declaration, used to indicate that a configuration maps to itself useful with *, '*->@' meaning that all configurations of the module maps to their equivalent (same name) in the dependency (IVY-52)
- new changing attribute on dependencies indicate that the dependency artifacts may change even without revision change, but with only a new ivy file with new publication date
- new useRemoteConfig on conf tag in ivyconf.xml, tells to use remote configuration file for repository config
- new type filtering in cachepath task
- new cachefileset task: builds an ant fileset of artifacts in cache
- publish task now uses srcivypattern for ivy files finding and for delivery
- better debug and error messages (IVY-60 IVY-61)
- added a javadoc target in ant build (thanks to joshua nichols)

- FIX: module descriptors sort was failing in some case cases (fix by Karl Baum)
- FIX: Ivy complains about schema directive (IVY-64)
- FIX: 'null' status attribute in module descriptor (IVY-62)
- FIX: report header contains incorrect link after resolve for multiple, comma-separated configurations (IVY-57)
- FIX: error retrieving dependencies with a '+' in their revision if the ivy file doesn't exist - fixed by maarten coene (IVY-59)
- FIX: trying to resolve latest with no revision in pattern caused a StackOverflowError (IVY-56)
- FIX: now handle transitive eviction (IVY-51)
- FIX: resolve now store resolved file id in ivy variables, so that multiple resolve calls can be followed by multiple retrieve, each retrieve will use the last resolve info (IVY-49)
- FIX: IllegalStateException on retrieve done from command line
- FIX: checks ivy files data consistency with asked info (org, module name and revision)
- FIX: use AUTH configuration for configuration file
- IMPROVE: added publish handling from command line (IVY-48)


ivy-1.2a-bin.zip (1028 kB)
ivy-1.2a-src.zip (776 kB)
ivy-1.2a-src-withdep.zip (1040 kB)