Changes log (2005-02-03)

+ functional
- added haltonfailure attribute on resolve and retrieve task, so that build can be halt when resolve or retrieve fails
- added dependency artifacts filtering feature, enabling to work better with ibiblio
- ibiblio resolver can now be configured to use any maven like repository, with root and pattern attributes
- added download progression info on resolve
- default cache is now in user home (.ivy-cache in user home), so that cache is shared by default for all projects of the same user
- added public access to method getDependencies(...) in Ivy, which resolve dependencies without downloading artifacts
- added DualResolver, which allows to have ivy files in one place and artifacts in another one

+ non functional
- added some unit tests
- deep review of ivy file reference documentation

+ bugs and refactoring
- bug fix: SimpleURLResolver not handling the case when there is no ivy file
- refactoring: URLResolver renamed to AbstractURLResolver
- refactoring: SimpleURLResolver renamed to URLResolver


ivy-0.6-bin.zip (935 kB)
ivy-0.6-src.zip (723 kB)
ivy-0.6-src-withdep.zip (986 kB)