Here are the release notes of version 1.4-RC2.
A new and noteworthy section is available on version 1.4 page.

You can download it here: It includes only bug fixes since 1.4-RC1.
   version 1.4-RC2 - 2006-09-27
- FIX: m2compatible flag is ignored for display of failed artifact searches (IVY-303)
- FIX: AntCallTriggerTest and AntBuildTriggerTest fail when run from ivy build.xml (IVY-310)
- FIX: Classloader problem with ant (IVY-311)
- FIX: Make resolve overview more compact (IVY-299)
- FIX: Could not write to "tmp:///webdav_tmp.c1" because it is read-only (IVY-312)