Changes log (2006-01-25)

compatiblity with previous version:
- the default place for the cache has changed, it is now in {USER_HOME}/.ivy/cache, instead of {USER_HOME}/.ivy-cache
please move this directory if you want to avoid unnecessary downloads
- modules are now logged as they are found, set ivy.log.module.when.found variable to false to avoid this

- NEW: namespace system: a resolver can be declared to belong to a namespace, which itself specify the transformation to apply to convert it from and to system namespace (IVY-147)
- NEW: pluggable module descriptor parsers let define new kind of module descriptor (IVY-146) (thanks to Maarten Coene)
- NEW: a new install task let add modules found in a repository in another one, even transitively (IVY-141)
- NEW: maven2 pom compatibility: most resolvers are now able to handle m2 pom as project metadata and there is a new convertpom task able to convert a pom file to an ivy file (IVY-140)
- NEW: include configurations from external file (IVY-88)
- NEW: a new default resolver which let override ivy files and artifacts found on public repository (ivyrep / ibiblio) and let publish modules in a local repository (IVY-132)
- NEW: ivyconf file inclusion in ivyconf files (IVY-99)
- NEW: macrodef feature in ivyconf for defining macro resolvers with parameters (IVY-98)
- NEW: conf fallback mechanism (IVY-145)
- NEW: exclusion now let exclude whole modules (IVY-144)
- NEW: ability to use a dependency instead of an ivy file in standalone mode (IVY-96)
- NEW: ability to output a path of dependencies in cache from the standalone mode (IVY-92)
- NEW: it is now possible to reference existing resolver in resolver containers (IVY-35)
- NEW: overwrite attribute in the publish task now let force overwrite of read only files (IVY-83)
- NEW: add a conflict manager ("strict") making build fail when a diamond conflict is found (thanks to Christer Jonsson) (IVY-118)

- IMPROVE: generate xml report using ivy:report task (IVY-143)
- IMPROVE: possibility to configure ivy so that special revisions are not queried as fixed one at all (IVY-139)
- IMPROVE: better url querying management (IVY-138) (thanks to Bernard Niset)
- IMPROVE: do not add resolver info in ivy files in cache so that they can be safely used as usual ivy files in a repository (IVY-137)
- IMPROVE: review default conf mapping management (IVY-134)
- IMPROVE: add possibility for a chain to behave like a dual chain (IVY-131)
- IMPROVE: add possibility to avoid overwrite of an ivy variable when setting them in ivyconf.xml (IVY-127)
- IMPROVE: ability to exclude the root project from the buildlist (thanks to Constantine Vetoshev) (IVY-124)
- IMPROVE: exclusion of artifacts now works on transitive artifacts, and exclusion can specify organisation and/or module (IVY-116)
- IMPROVE: now dynamic revisions replacement by deliver task can be turned off (IVY-120)
- IMPROVE: better performance with deep transitive dependencies
- IMPROVE: allow optional parts in the patterns (IVY-102) (thanks to Maarten Coene)
- IMPROVE: ability to define variable directly in ivyconf.xml (IVY-100)
- IMPROVE: ability to use no revision in pattern with latest.integration dependency, artifacts being updated according to revision change in ivy file (if checkmodified is set to true) (IVY-95)
- IMPROVE: ability to specify a root module in buildlist to filter out unnecessary build files (IVY-93) (thanks to Kristian Cibulskis)
- IMPROVE: import system properties as ivy variables in standalone mode
- IMPROVE: string identifying a module is now clearly different from a path
- IMPROVE: better error message when publish fails due to readonly destination (IVY-83)
- IMPROVE: some javadoc improvements (IVY-136 IVY-129) (thanks to Stephen Nesbitt)

- FIX: problem resolving dependencies when 2 module versions have different configurations (IVY-151)
- FIX: problem with inheritance between public and private conf (IVY-149)
- FIX: no variable replacement during the deliver step (IVY-133)
- FIX: conflict badly solved in some complex cases (IVY-130)
- FIX: mapping on conf * now only takes public configurations (IVY-126)
- FIX: bad dependency ivy files now causes failure (IVY-112)
- FIX: stack overflow error in contradictory conflict cases (IVY-117)
- FIX: publish now doesn't call deliver when not necessary (IVY-119)
- FIX: cachefileset was returning all artifacts for empty configuration (IVY-108)
- FIX: transitive and changing attribute were not copied in ivy files in cache (IVY-94)
- FIX: chain resolver now support latest strategy configuration (IVY-90)
- FIX: raise a clean error when a cyclic variable definition is found (IVY-75)
- FIX: clean ant project reference at the end of the build to improve usability in ide launching multiple builds in the same vm (like netbeans) (IVY-87 - IVY-115)
- FIX: ivy is now able to use simple ivy files in cache (doesn't need resolver info, use default one if no resolver is given) (IVY-86)
- FIX: private conf not accessible from other modules (IVY-76)
- FIX: root module configurations isolation bug fixed (IVY-84)
- FIX: changed the place where ivy stores master ivy files in cache to not overlap with dependencies one (IVY-85)
- FIX: bug in ResourceHelper didn't let override resource easily (IVY-80)
- FIX: throws a circular dependency exception when a circular dependency is found instead of failing silently (IVY-79)


ivy-1.3-RC1-bin.zip (1.41 MB)
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