Changes log (2005-03-30)

Note: this version is a major update compared to version 0.7, and contains several API breaks. Ivy files and configuration are compatible, but this is not the case of Ivy Java API. Some defaults changes also, especially default resolver which is no longer ibiblio but ivyrep (but ivyrep is compatible with ibiblio, so it should no break your builds).

- url resolver now handles latest with file urls and http ones (tested only with apache server, many thanks to Glen Marchesani for its contribution)
- added publish artifacts feature, which enable to publish declared artifacts of a module to a repository described by a dependency resolver. It currently works only with filesystem resolver.
- added conflict management at resolve time: during resolve, modules in conflict can be evicted and thus not downloaded
- added ivyrep resolver, using ivyrep to find ivy files, and ibiblio for artifacts
- use ivyrep instead of ibiblio as default resolver
- added more info in ivy files (description, homepage, ivy authors, license, public repository, ...)
- added validate attribute on resolve, retrieve and publish, which allows to disable ivy file validation against ivy.xsd (useful to parse future compatible ivy files)
- ant properties are now available in ivysettings file
- unified default properties in ivysettings, with better independance from url or file
- added ext on artifacts: this enable to distinguish artifact extension from artifact type, util in cases where it differs (example: 'src' type with 'zip' extension, 'ivy' type with 'xml' extension, ...)
- added latest strategy concept: the way to determine which artifact is the latest is now configurable on resolvers handling latest.
- added parameter on chain resolver to say if it should return first found or try to find the latest among all if asked
- a module can now publish no artifact, useful for virtual modules consisting only of integration of other modules
- now cache layout is configurable, using cacheIvyPattern and cacheArtifactPattern attributes on conf element in ivysettings.xml
- changed default cache layout: artifacts are separated by type
- added cachepath task, which enables to build an ant path of artifacts in cache required for a conf


ivy-0.8-bin.zip (946 kB)
ivy-0.8-src.zip (761 kB)
ivy-0.8-src-withdep.zip (1024 kB)