Changes log (2006-02-15)

- IMPROVE: ivy now supports ${pom.version} in poms (IVY-174)
- IMPROVE: adds the possibility to disable concistency check (IVY-163)
- IMPROVE: add possibility to choose matcher on include exclude and conflict manager rules in ivy files, and on resolver per module in ivyconf (IVY-161)
- IMPROVE: add regexp management in the install ant task (IVY-154)

- FIX: httclient is not registered for https urls (IVY-171)
- FIX: post resolve tasks like retrieve or cachepath should be able to run from cache information (IVY-169)
- FIX: resolve fails without appropriate message when cache is empty and a module in the repository has no revision (IVY-165)
- FIX: resolve problem with configuration inheritance (IVY-164)
- FIX: some files in cache detected by not used by Ivy for subsequent retrieves (IVY-159)
- FIX: HTML report shouldn't display the dependencies of evicted modules (IVY-158) (thanks to Maarten Coene)
- FIX: bug when an organisation or module or revision contains a space (IVY-157)
- FIX: cos-nonambig warnings (IVY-156)


ivy-1.3-RC2-bin.zip (1.53 MB)
ivy-1.3-RC2-src.zip (1.22 MB)
ivy-1.3-RC2-src-withdep.zip (1.60 MB)