since 1.4 Finds the list of modules in the repository matching some criteria and set a corresponding list of properties in ant.

The criteria is set by given patterns matching the organisation, name branch and revision of the modules to find.

To know if a module matches the criteria ivy will use the configured pattern matcher.


organisationthe pattern matching the organisation of the modules to list Yes
modulethe pattern matching the name of the modules to list Yes
branchthe pattern matching the branch of the modules to list No, defaults to '*'
revisionthe pattern matching the revision of the modules to list Yes
matcherthe name of the pattern matcher to use for matching the modules fields No. Defaults to exactOrRegexp.
propertythe pattern of the property to set when a module is found Yes
valueThe pattern of the value to set when a module is foundYes
settingsRefA reference to the ivy settings that must be used by this task (since 2.0)No, 'ivy.instance' is taken by default.
resolverThe name of the resolver to use for searching the modules (since 2.2.0)No, all available resolvers will be used by default.


<ivy:listmodules organisation="apache" module="ivy" revision="*" property="ivy.[revision]" value="found"/>
will find all revisions of the module ivy in the org apache, and create one property for each revision found, the name of the property depending on the revision, the value being always 'found'

<ivy:listmodules organisation="*" module="ivy*" revision="1.0" matcher="glob" property="modules.[module]" value="[organisation]"/>
use the glob matcher to find all modules which name starts with ivy with revision 1.0, and sets for each a property with module name found and organisation for value.