Tag: info Parent: ivy-module

Gives identification and basic information about the module this ivy file describes.

since 1.4 This tag supports extra attributes.


organisationthe name of the organisation that is the owner of this module. Yes
modulethe name of the module described by this ivy file. Yes
branchthe branch of this module. since 1.4 No, defaults to the default branch setting, or nothing if no default branch is configured
revisionthe revision of this module. Yes in repository ivy files, no in ivy files to resolve
statusthe status of this module. See terminology section for details No, default to 'integration'
publicationthe date of publication of this module. It should be given in this format: yyyyMMddHHmmss No, but it's a good practice to set it with delivered ivy files

Child elements

extendsidentifies a parent Ivy file from which this descriptor inherits content 0..n
licensecontains information about the licenses of the described module 0..n
ivyauthordescribes who has contributed to write the ivy file 0..n
repositorydescribes on which public repositories this module can be found 0..n
descriptiondescribes how to use the module 0..1
After the description, you can also place your own tags in your own namespace. This allow to provide some custom information about the module.