Tag: extends Parent: info

since 2.2 Identifies an optional parent descriptor for this module. For complicated projects composed of many modules that have common configurations or dependencies, inheritance allows modules to share this information. Which parts of the parent descriptor are inherited can be controlled with the extendType attribute. Supported extendType values are:
infoAttributes of the info element are inherited from the parent. When an attribute appears in both child and parent, the child value is used.
descriptionThe content of the info/description element is inherited from the parent.
configurationsConfigurations defined in the parent descriptor are added to any configurations defined in the child descriptor.
dependenciesDependencies defined in the parent descriptor are added to any dependencies defined in the child descriptor.
allinfo, description, configurations, and dependencies from the parent descriptor are merged into the child descriptor.


organisationthe organisation of the parent module Yes
modulethe name of the parent module Yes
revisionthe revision of the parent module. Can be fixed, a dynamic value, or range of revisions; see dependency for information on specifying revisions. Yes
extendTypewhich part(s) of the parent descriptor are inherited. Valid values are info, description,
configurations, dependencies, and all.
No, default is all

A local filesystem path that should be searched for the parent descriptor. If the parent descriptor cannot be found at this location, it will be located using dependency resolvers like any normal dependency.

This attribute is intended for development use. For example, child module descriptors appear in a source control directory with the parent module descriptor at a higher level. location will then contain the relative path to the parent descriptor for use during development builds.

No, as long as the parent descriptor exists in an Ivy resolver