Class EnumeratedAttribute

Direct Known Subclasses:
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public abstract class EnumeratedAttribute extends Object
Helper class for attributes that can only take one of a fixed list of values.

See FixCRLF for an example.

  • Field Details

    • value

      protected String value
      The selected value in this enumeration.
  • Constructor Details

    • EnumeratedAttribute

      protected EnumeratedAttribute()
      bean constructor
  • Method Details

    • getValues

      public abstract String[] getValues()
      This is the only method a subclass needs to implement.
      an array holding all possible values of the enumeration. The order of elements must be fixed so that indexOfValue(String) always return the same index for the same value.
    • getInstance

      public static EnumeratedAttribute getInstance(Class<? extends EnumeratedAttribute> clazz, String value) throws BuildException
      Factory method for instantiating EAs via API in a more developer friendly way.
      clazz - Class, extending EA, which to instantiate
      value - The value to set on that EA
      Configured EA
      BuildException - If the class could not be found or the value is not valid for the given EA-class.
      See Also:
    • setValue

      public void setValue(String value) throws BuildException
      value - the String value of the attribute
      BuildException - if the value is not valid for the attribute
    • containsValue

      public final boolean containsValue(String value)
      Is this value included in the enumeration?
      value - the String value to look up
      true if the value is valid
    • indexOfValue

      public final int indexOfValue(String value)
      get the index of a value in this enumeration.
      value - the string value to look for.
      the index of the value in the array of strings or -1 if it cannot be found.
      See Also:
    • getValue

      public final String getValue()
      the selected value.
    • getIndex

      public final int getIndex()
      the index of the selected value in the array.
      See Also:
    • toString

      public String toString()
      Convert the value to its string form.
      toString in class Object
      the string form of the value.