Class Quantifier

public class Quantifier extends EnumeratedAttribute
EnumeratedAttribute for quantifier comparisons. Evaluates a boolean[] or raw true and false counts. Accepts the following values:
none false
none false
none false
at least one true
at least one true
exactly one true
more true than false
more true than false
none true
Ant 1.7
  • Field Details

    • ALL

      public static final Quantifier ALL
      ALL instance
    • ANY

      public static final Quantifier ANY
      ANY instance
    • ONE

      public static final Quantifier ONE
      ONE instance

      public static final Quantifier MAJORITY
      MAJORITY instance
    • NONE

      public static final Quantifier NONE
      NONE instance
  • Constructor Details

    • Quantifier

      public Quantifier()
      Default constructor.
    • Quantifier

      public Quantifier(String value)
      Construct a new Quantifier with the specified value.
      value - the EnumeratedAttribute value.
  • Method Details

    • getValues

      public String[] getValues()
      Return the possible values.
      Specified by:
      getValues in class EnumeratedAttribute
      String[] of EnumeratedAttribute values.
    • evaluate

      public boolean evaluate(boolean[] b)
      Evaluate a boolean array.
      b - the boolean[] to evaluate.
      true if the argument fell within the parameters of this Quantifier.
    • evaluate

      public boolean evaluate(int t, int f)
      Evaluate integer true vs. false counts.
      t - the number of true values.
      f - the number of false values.
      true if the arguments fell within the parameters of this Quantifier.