Class FixCRLF

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, ChainableReader, SelectorContainer

public class FixCRLF extends MatchingTask implements ChainableReader
Converts text source files to local OS formatting conventions, as well as repair text files damaged by misconfigured or misguided editors or file transfer programs.

This task can take the following arguments:

  • srcdir
  • destdir
  • include
  • exclude
  • cr
  • eol
  • tab
  • eof
  • encoding
  • targetencoding
Of these arguments, only sourcedir is required.

When this task executes, it will scan the srcdir based on the include and exclude properties.

This version generalises the handling of EOL characters, and allows for CR-only line endings (the standard on Mac systems prior to OS X). Tab handling has also been generalised to accommodate any tabwidth from 2 to 80, inclusive. Importantly, it will leave untouched any literal TAB characters embedded within string or character constants.

Warning: do not run on binary files. Caution: run with care on carefully formatted files. This may sound obvious, but if you don't specify asis, presume that your files are going to be modified. If "tabs" is "add" or "remove", whitespace characters may be added or removed as necessary. Similarly, for CR's - in fact "eol"="crlf" or cr="add" can result in cr characters being removed in one special case accommodated, i.e., CRCRLF is regarded as a single EOL to handle cases where other programs have converted CRLF into CRCRLF.

Ant 1.1
  • Field Details


      public static final String ERROR_FILE_AND_SRCDIR
      error string for using srcdir and file
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  • Constructor Details

    • FixCRLF

      public FixCRLF()
  • Method Details

    • chain

      public final Reader chain(Reader rdr)
      Chain this task as a reader.
      Specified by:
      chain in interface ChainableReader
      rdr - Reader to chain.
      a Reader.
      Ant 1.7?
    • setSrcdir

      public void setSrcdir(File srcDir)
      Set the source dir to find the source text files.
      srcDir - the source directory.
    • setDestdir

      public void setDestdir(File destDir)
      Set the destination where the fixed files should be placed. Default is to replace the original file.
      destDir - the destination directory.
    • setJavafiles

      public void setJavafiles(boolean javafiles)
      Set to true if modifying Java source files.
      javafiles - whether modifying Java files.
    • setFile

      public void setFile(File file)
      Set a single file to convert.
      file - the file to convert.
      Ant 1.6.3
    • setEol

      public void setEol(FixCRLF.CrLf attr)
      Specify how EndOfLine characters are to be handled.
      attr - valid values:
      • asis: leave line endings alone
      • cr: convert line endings to CR
      • lf: convert line endings to LF
      • crlf: convert line endings to CRLF
    • setCr

      @Deprecated public void setCr(FixCRLF.AddAsisRemove attr)
      since 1.4.x. Use setEol instead.
      Specify how carriage return (CR) characters are to be handled.
      attr - valid values:
      • add: ensure that there is a CR before every LF
      • asis: leave CR characters alone
      • remove: remove all CR characters
    • setTab

      public void setTab(FixCRLF.AddAsisRemove attr)
      Specify how tab characters are to be handled.
      attr - valid values:
      • add: convert sequences of spaces which span a tab stop to tabs
      • asis: leave tab and space characters alone
      • remove: convert tabs to spaces
    • setTablength

      public void setTablength(int tlength) throws BuildException
      Specify tab length in characters.
      tlength - specify the length of tab in spaces.
      BuildException - on error.
    • setEof

      public void setEof(FixCRLF.AddAsisRemove attr)
      Specify how DOS EOF (control-z) characters are to be handled.
      attr - valid values:
      • add: ensure that there is an eof at the end of the file
      • asis: leave eof characters alone
      • remove: remove any eof character found at the end
    • setEncoding

      public void setEncoding(String encoding)
      Specifies the encoding Ant expects the files to be in--defaults to the platforms default encoding.
      encoding - String encoding name.
    • setOutputEncoding

      public void setOutputEncoding(String outputEncoding)
      Specifies the encoding that the files are to be written in--same as input encoding by default.
      outputEncoding - String outputEncoding name.
    • setFixlast

      public void setFixlast(boolean fixlast)
      Specify whether a missing EOL will be added to the final line of a file.
      fixlast - whether to fix the last line.
    • setPreserveLastModified

      public void setPreserveLastModified(boolean preserve)
      Set whether to preserve the last modified time as the original files.
      preserve - true if timestamps should be preserved.
      Ant 1.6.3
    • execute

      public void execute() throws BuildException
      Executes the task.
      execute in class Task
      BuildException - on error.