Class Zip.Zip64ModeAttribute

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public static final class Zip.Zip64ModeAttribute extends EnumeratedAttribute
The choices for Zip64 extensions.

never: never add any Zip64 extensions. This will cause the task to fail if you try to add entries bigger than 4GB or create an archive bigger than 4GB or holding more that 65535 entries.

as-needed: create Zip64 extensions only when the entry's size is bigger than 4GB or one of the archive limits is hit. This mode also adds partial Zip64 extensions for all deflated entries written by Ant.

always: create Zip64 extensions for all entries.

Note some ZIP implementations don't handle Zip64 extensions well and others may fail if the Zip64 extra field data is only present inside the local file header but not the central directory - which is what as-needed may result in. Java5 and Microsoft Visual Studio's Extension loader are known to fconsider the archive broken in such cases. If you are targeting such an archiver use the value never unless you know you need Zip64 extensions.

Ant 1.9.1
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    • Zip64ModeAttribute

      public Zip64ModeAttribute()
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      public String[] getValues()
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      getValues in class EnumeratedAttribute
      an array holding all possible values of the enumeration. The order of elements must be fixed so that indexOfValue(String) always return the same index for the same value.
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      public Zip64Mode getMode()