registerartifact task


This targets is in charge to register a given artifact to ivy context. In other words, this targets is responsible of generating the right elements in the publicated module.ivy file.
This targets is pretty usefull for plugin writers if they want to hide some complexities to the end user.
End user will not have to define elements if they use test-jar plugins for example.
registerartifact is a PostResolveTask


Parameter name Description Mandatory
name the name of the published artifact. This name must not include revision. No, default to the name of the module
type the type of the published artifact. It's usually its extension, but not necessarily. For instance, ivy files are of type 'ivy' but have 'xml' extension No, defautls to jar
ext the extension of the published artifact No, defaults to type
confs comma separated list of public configurations in which this artifact is published. '*' wildcard can be used to designate all public configurations of this module. No, defaults to defaultconf attribute value on parent publications elements
classifier acts as a maven classifier.


Register test-jar artifact with type "test-jar"
  <ea:registerartifact ext="jar" type="test-jar" settingsRef="${project.ivy.instance}"/>
Register test-jar artifact with type "test-jar" and classifier "test" to be maven compatible
  <ea:registerartifact ext="jar" type="test-jar" classifier="test" settingsRef="${project.ivy.instance}"/>