submodule task


This task is used to manage orchestration of submodules.


Parameter nameDescriptionMandatory
buildpathRef Buildpath to use, by reference true if no nested buildpath element
useBuildRepository Specify if should use build repository or not (default value : false)
overwrite Specify if publication in build repository should overwrite existing artifacts
Default : true
target The target to call on the different sub-builds. Set to "" to execute the default target
verbose Enable/ disable verbose log messages showing when each sub-build path is entered/ exited
Default : false
failOnError Sets whether to fail with a build exception on error, or go on
Default : true
inheritRefs If true, pass all references to the new Ant project
Default : false

Nested Elements


Buildpath to be used to find sub-projects.
Mandatory if no buildpathref argument is specified.


Used to choose references that shall be copied into the new project, optionally changing their id.

Attribute Description Required
refid The id of the reference in the calling project. true
torefid The id of the reference in the new project.
Default to the value of refid


You can specify a set of properties to be copied into the new project with propertysets.


 <ea:submodule target="package"/>