Offline mode

EasyAnt cames with offline mode support. This feature is designed to bring all resources of your build offline. It includes : Before going offline you'll need to tell easyant to fetch everything by invoking "offline:go-offline" target. All your resources will be fetched in ".offline" directory. You'll need to invoke it again if you add new plugins / dependencies.

Once your resources are ready to be used offline you can tell easyant you're offline by using --offline switch (or -o in shorter form).
> easyant --offline
> easyant -o
This can also be done by setting "easyant.offline" property to true either on the command line or in your module.ivy.

Example using property on the command line :
> easyant -Deasyant.offline=true
Example using property in your module.ivy file :
<ea:property name="easyant.offline" value="true"/>