Sets a variable (by name and value), or set of variables (from file or url) in ivy.
Variables are case sensitive.

Contrary to ant properties, ivy variables are mutable. But a problem with this is that you do not control when
variables are substituted, and usually it is done as soon as possible. So changing the value of a variable will
have no effect if it has already been substituted. Consequently, using this task is NOT recommended.
See reference page for details about ivy variables.

namethe name of the variable to set No
valuethe value of the variable to set Yes when using the name attribute
filethe filename of the property file to load as ivy variables One of these, when not using the name attribute
urlthe url from which to read ivy variables
prefixPrefix to apply to variables. A "." is appended to the prefix if not specified. No
settingsRefA reference to the ivy settings that must be used by this task (since 2.0)No, 'ivy.instance' is taken by default.