Installs a module and all its dependencies in a resolver. since 1.3 The module to install should be available in a resolver, and will be installed in another resolver which should support publish.

This is particularly useful for users who only have a private repository, and want to benefit from public repositories from time to time. In this case, when a module is missing in the private repository, a call to install let download the module from a public repository not usually used for dependency resolution, and install it and its dependencies in the private repository.

For more details about this task and its usage see the build repository tutorial
fromthe name of the resolver in which the module must be found Yes
tothe name of the resolver in which the module must be installed Yes
organisationthe name of the organisation of the module to install Yes
modulethe name of the module to install Yes
branchthe branch of the module to install since 2.0 No, defaults to default branch with exact matcher, '*' with any other matcher
revisionthe revision of the module to install Yes
typethe type(s) of artefact(s) to install. You can give multiple values separated by commas No, defaults to '*' meaning all types
confthe configurations to install. Only the dependencies of the specified configurations will be installed. since 2.3 No, defaults to '*' meaning all configurations
validatetrue to force ivy files validation against ivy.xsd, false to force no validation No. Defaults to default ivy value (as configured in configuration file)
overwritetrue to override modules already present in the destination resolver, false otherwise No, defaults to false
transitivetrue to install the module and all its transitive dependencies, false to install only the module No, defaults to false
matcherthe name of the matcher to use to find the modules to install No, defaults to exact
settingsRefA reference to the ivy settings that must be used by this task (since 2.0) No, 'ivy.instance' is taken by default.
haltonfailuretrue to fail build on unresolved dependencies since 2.0 No, defaults to true
installOriginalMetadatatrue to install original metadata (if available). If the module has been originally resolved from a m2 repository, the original metadata is the original POM file since 2.4 No, defaults to false


<ivy:install organisation="apache" module="commons-lang" revision="2.0" from="ivyrep" to="myfsresolver"/>
Installs the module commons-lang from apache in revision 2.0 in the resolver myfsresolver. The module is found in the resolver named 'ivyrep'.