ssh resolver

Handle latestyes
Handle publishyes

This resolver can be used when your ivy repository is located on a server accessible via ssh. The secured nature of ssh and its widespread implementation on most *nix servers makes this resolver a very good candidate in an enterprise environment. since 1.4 If your server supports sftp, you can consider using the sftp resolver.

Internally this resolver shares most of its behaviour with the sftp resolver, so refer to its documentation for details.


This resolver shares the common attributes of standard resolvers.
userThe username to provide as credential No, defaults to username given on the patterns, or prompt if none is set
userPasswordThe password to provide as credential No, defaults to password given on the patterns, or prompt if none is set
keyFilePath to the keyfile to use for authentication No, defaults to username/password authentication
keyFilePasswordthe password used to protect the key file No, will prompt for password if keyFile authentication is used and if it is password encrypted
hostThe host to connect to No, defaults to host given on the patterns, fail if none is set
portThe port to connect to No, defaults to 22
publishPermissionsA four digit string (e.g., 0644, see "man chmod", "man open") specifying the permissions of the published files. (since 2.0) No, defaults to scp standard behaviour

Child elements

ivydefines a pattern for ivy files, using the pattern attribute 0..n
artifactdefines a pattern for artifacts, using the pattern attribute 1..n


<ssh user="myuser" host="">
<ivy pattern="/path/to/ivy/[module]/ivy.xml"/>
<artifact pattern="/path/to/[organisation]/[module]/[artifact].[ext]"/>
Will connect to using myuser and prompt for the password.

<ssh keyFile="path/to/key/file" keyFilePassword="${password}">
<ivy pattern="ssh://[module]/[revision]/ivy.xml"/>
<artifact pattern="ssh://[artifact].[ext]"/>
Will connect to on port 8022 with user geheim and use keyFile path/to/key/file for keyFile and the value of password variable for keyFilePassword authentication for ivy files, and to on port 8022 using user geheim with the same keyFile/keyFilePassword pair for the artifacts.