vfs resolver

Handle latestdepend on vfs capacity, usually yes
Handle publishdepend on vfs capacity, usually yes

This resolver is certainly the most capable, since it relies on Apache commons VFS, which gives an uniform access to a good number of file systems, including ftp, webdav, zip, ... since 1.4 Note: commons vfs has not released a stable version yet, hence Ivy relies on a nightly build. Stability should thus be considered carefully before using this resolver in a production environment


This resolver shares the common attributes of standard resolvers.

Child elements

ivydefines a pattern for ivy files, using the pattern attribute 0..n
artifactdefines a pattern for artifacts, using the pattern attribute 1..n


<vfs name="vfs-resolver">
<ivy pattern="sftp://username:password@host/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/ivy.xml" />
<artifact pattern="sftp://username:password@host/[organisation]/[module]/[revision]/[artifact].[ext]" />
Access ivy and artifacts files using sftp.