since 2.0 The makepom task allows to convert an ivy file to a pom file.

An example of use is to publish an Ivy managed module to a maven 2 repository.

Note that all Ivy features are not supported by maven poms, so the converted pom may not resolve to the exact same dependencies as the original ivy file.


ivyfilethe source ivy file to convert Yes
pomfilethe destination pom file to write Yes
settingsRefA reference to the ivy settings that must be used by this taskNo, 'ivy.instance' is taken by default.

Child elements

mapping describes the mapping from an Ivy module configuration to a Maven POM scope.
These elements takes two attributes:
  • conf
  • the configuration to map
  • scope
  • the scope to which it should be mapped


<ivy:makepom ivyfile="${basedir}/path/to/ivy.xml" pomfile="${basedir}/path/to/module.pom">
<mapping conf="default" scope="compile"/>
<mapping conf="runtime" scope="runtime"/>
Converts ${basedir}/path/to/ivy.xml to a pom and writes the result to ${basedir}/path/to/module.pom. The configuration 'default' in the parsed ivy file will be mapped to the scope 'compile', the configuration 'runtime' will be mapped to 'runtime', and other configurations will be considered optional.