More examples

If you have successfully followed and understood all the tutorials, maybe you still need to get a better picture of how to use Ivy in the real world.

Here are some links which can be interesting:


SAnt is an experimental build system based on Ant and Ivy. It can be interesting to use as is or to get insight on an interesting approach to manage your builds.

Spring Modules

The spring modules project build system is based on Ant and Ivy, and it's really interesting to have a look at how a modularized project can take advantage of advanced ant and ivy features to make the build simpler.


The webwork project (which should become struts action framework) uses ant+ivy for their build, and thus make their framework very easy to use in an ant+ivy build system. They have a page documenting how to use ivy with their framework, which can be an interesting reading even if you don't plan to use webwork.

Easing multi module development

Johan stuyts, the author of SAnt, also contributed a nice article on his view of how to use Ivy on a multi module environment.