The best way to learn is to practice! That's what the ivy tutorials will help you to do, to discover some of the great ivy features.

Here is the very first tutorial, it doesn't even require to install Ivy, and should not take more than 30 seconds if you already have ant and a jdk properly installed:
  • make sure you have ant 1.6.0 or greater and a jdk properly installed
  • copy this build file in an empty directory on your local filesystem (and make sure you name it build.xml)
  • open a console in this directory and run "ant". That's it!
If you have any trouble, check the FAQ, it may be related to your internet connection (proxy anyone?).

OK, you've seen how easy it is to make your first step with ivy? Go ahead with the other tutorials, but before make sure you have properly installed ivy and downloaded the tutorials sources (included in all ivy distributions, in the src/example directory).

The following tutorials are available: