Install the last release via Internet

For most user who have access to the internet it is simpler to install the latest release from the IvyDE updatesite. So just look out there:

Manual install

Install IvyDE

So you should have the zip distribution of IvyDE in which you should find these files:
  • features/
  • plugins/
You can then install them by copying them respectively in the $ECLIPSE_HOME/features and the $ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins:
cp features/* $ECLIPSE_HOME/features
cp plugins/* $ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins

Install the latest Ivy bundle

Get the latest Ivy feature and bundle for the updatesite: And then just copy them respectively in the $ECLIPSE_HOME/features and the $ECLIPSE_HOME/plugins folders.

Restart Eclipse

After installing manually your plugins, you have to restart your Eclipse to have it take into account the changes. It is recommended to restart it with the -clean option on the command line.

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