Eclipse variables

Eclipse contains a string substitution mecanism. This feature allows you to specify a path location that can be shared between developers.

Apache IvyDE uses it to find the ivysettings.xml and properties files in both the global preference page and the project specific preference page.

Using the "Workspace..." button will open a window to choose a file in the workspace. Apache IvyDE will automatically fill the field with the proper variable.

Using the "File System..." button will allow you to choose a file in the file system. This path will not be portable.

Finally, you can choose to depend on the Eclipse variable system by clicking on "Variable...".

Backwards compatibility

Previously, Apache IvyDE supported the project://projectName/path/to/file.ext protocol. It sill does, but references of this style will be automatically converted in the saved settings to the Eclipse variable way of defining this path: ${workspace_loc:projectName/path/to/file.ext}.
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