This page describes how to build the Apache IvyDE plugin from the source. The build is based on the Eclipse™ build system so it requires an Eclipse install. You also need to have an Ivy bundle installed.

Setup of the build

Eclipse installation

You need first an Eclipse install which contains the PDE plugins (by default included in the "SDK" and "Classic" versions). We will refer to the eclipse installation path in the documentation as $ECLIPSE_HOME. In that $ECLIPSE_HOME folder you should have the plugins and features folders.

It is recommended to have an eclipse installation dedicated to the build. So you will be able to have better control over the Ivy bundle installed there. And as the build clean the internal cache of Eclipse, running an eclipse and building with the same instance might raise some troubleshootings in the IDE.

Lots of ant target depends on that Eclipse installation, so they need a baseLocation property to be defined. Note that you can avoid specifying that property in each command line by having a file which contains somethink like:

The Apache Ivy bundle

The IvyDE plugins depends on the Apache Ivy 2.0 OSGi bundle. So the Ivy bundle have to be installed in the Eclipse installation before starting the build. An Ant target will accomplished that task quite automatically. Inline help will be displayed when no property is specified:
ant install-ivy
Note: due to an old bug in the build script of Ivy, the OSGi version of Ivy is "0.0.0" for every version older than the 2.0.0-RC1. So older version than 2.0.0-RC1 is not supported.


First somehow you got some sources, for instance from the ASF subversion repository:
svn co ivyde-trunk
or get directly the released sources from the distribution.

And go into the root folder of the sources. In that folder you should see the builder, org.apache.ivyde.eclipse and org.apache.ivyde.feature folders.

And run the build:
ant build -DbaseLocation=$ECLIPSE_HOME
Then in the created directory "work" you will find a directory (something like 2.0.0.alpha1-200804171513) in which you will find the zip archive ready to be unzipped in an Eclipse install.


After a successful build you should have a zip file at dist/org.apache.ivyde.feature-$ The zip file contains the "plugins" and "features" folders ready to be unzipped in an Eclipse install. So here is the process:
unzip ...../dist/org.apache.ivyde.feature-$
Then start your Eclipse and enjoy !

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