Tag: signers

[since 2.2]

Defines a list of detached signature generators usable in Ivy. Each generator is identified by its name, given as an attribute. The child tags used to configure the signature generator must be equal to the name of a signature generator type (either built-in or added with the typedef tag).

Ivy supports the following signature generator out of the box:

  • pgp
    generates an OpenPGP compatible ASCII armored detached signature.

Child elements

Element Description Cardinality

any signature generator

adds a signature generator to the list of registered generators


Built-in Generators


This generator is capable of generating an OpenPGP compatible ASCII armored detached signature.

Remark: This generator uses the BouncyCastle OpenPGP library. Before this generator can be used, the library and its JCE provider library must be available on Ivy’s classpath.

Attribute Description Required


The name of the signature generator.



The location of the secret keyring.

No, defaults to ${user.home}/.gnupg/secring.gpg


The identifier of the key to use. The keyword auto can be used to indicate a key will be selected automatically.

No, defaults to auto.


The password of the private key.



    <pgp name="mypgp" password="my-password"/>

Defines a detached signature generator with name 'mypgp' which uses the secret key ring on the default location and automatically selects a private key.

    <pgp name="mypgp" password="my-password" keyId="123ABC45"/>

Same as before, but this time the key 123ABC45 is used to generate the detached signature.