Tag: dest

Defines the translation part of a translation rule. If a name has matched a corresponding src, it will be translated using this dest part.

The new names can contain references to groups of the matched name, using a slightly modified regexp syntax. In fact, referenced groups can be part of either the organisation, module or revision part of the original name. So, to reference the groups, you just have to add a letter identifying the part in which the group should be selected: o for organisation, m for module, and r for revision.

For instance, $o0 matches the whole matched organisation, and $m0 the whole matched module name. $o1 matches the first group of the matched organisation.

For details about regexp and groups, see the Pattern class documentation in the JDK.


Attribute Description Required


the new organisation name

No, defaults to $o0


the new module name

No, defaults to $m0


the new revision

No, defaults to $r0


      <src org="systemorg2" module="system\-(.+)"/>
      <dest org="B" module="$m1"/>

Matches modules from systemorg2 which have a name beginning with system followed by a minus and anything else, and translate it to organisation B and module the part following system- of the original name.