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[since 2.3]

This resolver is one of the resolver which supports OSGi™ dependencies. A part of the OSGi specification defines OBR (OSGi Bundle Repository). OBR aggregates the OSGi metadata of every bundle included in a repository. So contrary to the other resolvers, this resolver needs to get the descriptor of the repository (an obr.xml) before starting to resolve modules.


This resolver shares the common attributes of composite resolvers.

Attribute Description Required


the URL of the obr.xml to load.



the local path of the obr.xml to load.



defines how strict should be the OSGi resolution. Can be one of first or noambiguity

No, default to noambiguity


the time in milliseconds the obr.xml is considered up to date

No, default to 3600000 (1 hour)


force the update of the obr.xml without checking its freshness

No, default to false

The requirement strategy is defining how the resolver should behave when facing several choices. In the OSGi dependency model, an Import-Package requirement can be satisfied by several different bundles. So when resolving such requirement, Ivy will first look into the already resolved bundles if one provides that package. If it fails to find one, then two behaviours can occur:

  • if the requirement strategy is first, among the bundles satisfying the requirement, it will choose the first one. A warning will be logged about the choice Ivy has to arbitrarily do.

  • if the requirement strategy is noambiguity, Ivy will make the resolution fail.


<obr name="felix-repo" repoXmlURL="http://felix.apache.org/obr/releases.xml"/>

A simple repository configured to use the Felix OBR.

<obr name="my-osgi-repo" repoXmlFile="${ivy.settings.dir}/obr/obr.xml" requirementStrategy="first"/>

A local repository which is trusted to always provide correct dependency for the Import-Package requirements.