This documentation is defining every steps that needs to be accomplished when releasing IvyDE.
In this doc, the released version is denoted as $VERSION, so it HAVE to be replaced in the command line argument accordingly. There is also some $LOGIN which is referencing your login on the Apache machines.



First in Jira make sure that no more issues are opened for the target release.

Release branch

Some modifications of the branch are need to do the release. So a new branch is needed:
svn copy \$VERSION \
-m "Creating a release branch for IvyDE $VERSION"
and then checkout it:
svn co$VERSION ivyde-$VERSION

Documentation release

The documentation have to specify the correct version number:
In the files:
  • doc/template.html
The header should look like this
<title>${title} | IvyDE $VERSION Documentation</title>

Release notes

Go edit the RELEASE_NOTES.txt files. There are two things to change, marked by some TODO WHEN RELEASING:
  • the list of contributors should be filled according to the "thanks to" in the CHANGE.txt file
  • the list of bug/features fixed in the release should be filled from the one in the CHANGE.txt file
Edit the IvyDE doc and add a new page just under the root of the documentation tree:
  • Child page title: Release Notes
  • Child page path: release-notes
As content in that doc, copy paste the content of the RELEASE_NOTES.txt file.
Then you should improve the style of the page by adding some h1, h2, remove unwanted line break. Normally you shouldn't care about the http link or the jira issue, xooki will take care of them.

Commit your change

Don't forget to commit the changes you've done into the release branch.


Make sure you have a proper working copy with a svn status. You should have no modification.

Then launch the build:
ant /release clean dist -DbaseLocation=/home/me/...../eclipse/
And sign the artifacts:
Then it is time to tag the release as soon as you are happy with your artifacts:
svn copy$VERSION \$VERSION \
-m "Tag IvyDE release $VERSION"
And don't forget to set the svn:external on doc/xooki to a fixed revision. Edit the svn:external property on the folder doc/xooki in the tag and set it to the revision of the commit of the tag. It should look like:
xooki -r790212
And commit that modification.

Prepare the updatesite

The instructions to build the updatesite are there:

Vote for the released artifacts

It is recommended to publish the distribution artifacts and the updatesite in your public_html on directory so not only committers can test it.

On, create your "staging" directory:
mkdir ~/public_html/ivyde-$VERSION/
And then the copy:
scp dist/* $$LOGIN/public_html/ivyde-$VERSION/
It is recommended to also deploy a staging updatesite there. See that page to know how to proceed.

And launch the vote on the ant-dev mailing list:
Subject: [VOTE] IvyDE $VERSION Release

I have built a release candidate for IvyDE $VERSION

You can download the distribution from this URL:$LOGIN/ivyde-$VERSION/

And a staging update site has been setup there:$LOGIN/staging/updatesite

Do you vote for the release of these binaries?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No


$ME, IvyDE $VERSION release manager
Note: this page is defining when and how a release can be accepted.


Publish the artifacts

The binaries have to be pushed with their signatures and checksums in the apache dist directory. On
cp -R ~/public_html/ivyde-$VERSION /www/$VERSION

Deploy the updatesite

Follow the instructions of that page:

Update the documentation

Update the table of content

The table of content needs to be updated so that the last documentation point to that new release.

First we need to update the external links. In svn/site/ivyde/history:
svn pe svn:externals .
And: Then we need to edit svn/site/ivyde/toc.json: Then svn update your working copy (to retrieve the new history branch).

Update the download page

In the page svn/site/ivyde/download.html change every reference of the old version to the new one.

Update the build script

In the build script which generate the website (svn/site/build.xml), add the fix for the history import of the new release.
In the target init-imported-history-ivyde, add a line with:
<init-imported-version basepath="ivyde" version="$VERSION" />


All site editing being done, commit your changes.

And now let's generate the site and deploy it:
  1. generate the part of the site for the new version:
  2. ant generate-history-ivyde -Dhistory.version=$VERSION
    WARNING: that target is modifiying the toc.json in the imported branch so that the generated html have a proper version declared in the toc. You should not commit that change. Once the site has been generated, you may want to revert the changes so you won't commit it by mistake. (TODO: process to improve so we shouldn't worry).
  3. generate the website with the new toc:
  4. ant /all generate-site-ivyde
  5. you should verify that the site generated in target is OK. And once your happy with it, commit the changes in target (some svn add might be needed !)
  6. deploy the website: go on and svn up /www/

Post release tasks


Update the IvyDE Jira project: mark the version as released.

Bump the version

Update the versions needs to be updated in the following files:
  • (edit the qualifier)
  • org.apache.ivyde.eclipse/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF
  • org.apache.ivyde.feature/feature.xml

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