Class JUnitTaskMirrorImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public final class JUnitTaskMirrorImpl
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements JUnitTaskMirror
    Implementation of the part of the junit task which can directly refer to junit.* classes. Public only to permit use of reflection; do not use directly.
    See Also:
    JUnitTaskMirror, "bug #38799"
    • Constructor Detail

      • JUnitTaskMirrorImpl

        public JUnitTaskMirrorImpl​(JUnitTask task)
        task - the junittask that uses this mirror.
    • Method Detail

      • addVmExit

        public void addVmExit​(JUnitTest test,
                              JUnitTaskMirror.JUnitResultFormatterMirror aFormatter,
                              java.lang.String message,
                              java.lang.String testCase)
        Add the formatter to be called when the jvm exits before the test suite finishes..
        Specified by:
        addVmExit in interface JUnitTaskMirror
        test - the test.
        aFormatter - the formatter to use.
        out - the output stream to use.
        message - the message to write out.
        testCase - the name of the test.
      • newJUnitTestRunner

        public JUnitTaskMirror.JUnitTestRunnerMirror newJUnitTestRunner​(JUnitTest test,
                                                                        java.lang.String[] methods,
                                                                        boolean haltOnError,
                                                                        boolean filterTrace,
                                                                        boolean haltOnFailure,
                                                                        boolean showOutput,
                                                                        boolean logTestListenerEvents,
                                                                        AntClassLoader classLoader)
        Create a new test runner for a test..
        Specified by:
        newJUnitTestRunner in interface JUnitTaskMirror
        test - the test to run.
        methods - names of the test methods to be run.
        haltOnError - if true halt the tests if an error occurs.
        filterTrace - if true filter the stack traces.
        haltOnFailure - if true halt the test if a failure occurs.
        showOutput - if true show output.
        logTestListenerEvents - if true log test listener events.
        classLoader - the classloader to use to create the runner.
        the test runner.