Interface JUnitTaskMirror

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public interface JUnitTaskMirror
Handles the portions of JUnitTask which need to directly access actual JUnit classes, so that junit.jar need not be on Ant's startup classpath. Neither nor nor their transitive static deps may import any junit.** classes! Specifically, need to not refer to - JUnitResultFormatter or its subclasses - JUnitVersionHelper - JUnitTestRunner Cf. JUnitTask.SplitLoader#isSplit(String) Public only to permit access from classes in this package; do not use directly.
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  • "bug #38799"
  • Method Details

    • addVmExit

      void addVmExit(JUnitTest test, JUnitTaskMirror.JUnitResultFormatterMirror formatter, OutputStream out, String message, String testCase)
      Add the formatter to be called when the jvm exits before the test suite finishes.
      test - the test.
      formatter - the formatter to use.
      out - the output stream to use.
      message - the message to write out.
      testCase - the name of the test.
    • newJUnitTestRunner

      JUnitTaskMirror.JUnitTestRunnerMirror newJUnitTestRunner(JUnitTest test, String[] methods, boolean haltOnError, boolean filterTrace, boolean haltOnFailure, boolean showOutput, boolean logTestListenerEvents, AntClassLoader classLoader)
      Create a new test runner for a test.
      test - the test to run.
      methods - names of the test methods to be run.
      haltOnError - if true halt the tests if an error occurs.
      filterTrace - if true filter the stack traces.
      haltOnFailure - if true halt the test if a failure occurs.
      showOutput - if true show output.
      logTestListenerEvents - if true log test listener events.
      classLoader - the classloader to use to create the runner.
      the test runner.
    • newSummaryJUnitResultFormatter

      JUnitTaskMirror.SummaryJUnitResultFormatterMirror newSummaryJUnitResultFormatter()
      Create a summary result formatter.
      the created formatter.