Direct Known Subclasses:
SingleTestClass, TestClasses

public abstract class TestDefinition extends Object
Represents the configuration details of a test that needs to be launched by the JUnitLauncherTask
  • Field Details

    • ifProperty

      protected String ifProperty
    • unlessProperty

      protected String unlessProperty
    • haltOnFailure

      protected Boolean haltOnFailure
    • failureProperty

      protected String failureProperty
    • outputDir

      protected File outputDir
    • includeEngines

      protected String includeEngines
    • excludeEngines

      protected String excludeEngines
    • forkDefinition

      protected ForkDefinition forkDefinition
    • listeners

      protected List<ListenerDefinition> listeners
  • Constructor Details

    • TestDefinition

      public TestDefinition()
  • Method Details

    • setIf

      public void setIf(String ifProperty)
    • setUnless

      public void setUnless(String unlessProperty)
    • isHaltOnFailure

      public boolean isHaltOnFailure()
    • setHaltOnFailure

      public void setHaltOnFailure(boolean haltonfailure)
    • getFailureProperty

      public String getFailureProperty()
    • setFailureProperty

      public void setFailureProperty(String failureProperty)
    • addConfiguredListener

      public void addConfiguredListener(ListenerDefinition listener)
    • getListeners

      public List<ListenerDefinition> getListeners()
    • setOutputDir

      public void setOutputDir(File dir)
    • getOutputDir

      public File getOutputDir()
    • createFork

      public ForkDefinition createFork()
    • shouldRun

      protected boolean shouldRun(Project project)
    • getIncludeEngines

      public String[] getIncludeEngines()
    • setIncludeEngines

      public void setIncludeEngines(String includeEngines)
    • getExcludeEngines

      public String[] getExcludeEngines()
    • setExcludeEngines

      public void setExcludeEngines(String excludeEngines)
    • toForkedRepresentations

      protected abstract List<TestDefinition.ForkedRepresentation> toForkedRepresentations() throws IllegalStateException