public class ForkDefinition extends Object
Represents the fork element within test definitions of the junitlauncher task
  • Method Details

    • setDir

      public void setDir(String dir)
    • setTimeout

      public void setTimeout(long timeout)
    • setIncludeJUnitPlatformLibraries

      public void setIncludeJUnitPlatformLibraries(boolean include)
    • setIncludeAntRuntimeLibraries

      public void setIncludeAntRuntimeLibraries(boolean include)
    • createJvmArg

      public Commandline.Argument createJvmArg()
    • addConfiguredSysProperty

      public void addConfiguredSysProperty(Environment.Variable sysProp)
    • addConfiguredSysPropertySet

      public void addConfiguredSysPropertySet(PropertySet propertySet)
    • addConfiguredEnv

      public void addConfiguredEnv(Environment.Variable var)
    • addConfiguredModulePath

      public void addConfiguredModulePath(Path modulePath)
    • addConfiguredUpgradeModulePath

      public void addConfiguredUpgradeModulePath(Path upgradeModulePath)
    • setJava

      public void setJava(String java)
      The command used to launch java. This can be a path to the java binary that will be used to launch the forked java process.
      java - Path to the java command
      Ant 1.10.14
    • setForkMode

      public void setForkMode(ForkDefinition.ForkMode forkMode)
      The forkMode to use when launching the tests in a forked JVM.
      forkMode - Can be null, in which case an internal implementation default will be used.
      Ant 1.10.14