Class LauncherSupport

  • public class LauncherSupport
    extends java.lang.Object
    Responsible for doing the real work involved in launching the JUnit platform and passing it the relevant tests that need to be executed by the JUnit platform.

    This class relies on a LaunchDefinition for setting up the launch of the JUnit platform.

    The LauncherSupport isn't concerned with whether or not it's being executed in the same JVM as the build in which the junitlauncher was triggered or if it's running as part of a forked JVM. Instead it just relies on the LaunchDefinition to do whatever decisions need to be done before and after launching the tests.

    This class is not thread-safe and isn't expected to be used for launching from multiple different threads simultaneously.

    This class is an internal implementation detail of the Ant project and although it's a public class, it isn't meant to be used outside of this project. This class can be changed, across releases, without any backward compatible guarantees and hence shouldn't be used or relied upon outside of this project.