Class WeblogicTOPLinkDeploymentTool

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class WeblogicTOPLinkDeploymentTool extends WeblogicDeploymentTool
Deployment tool for WebLogic TOPLink.
  • Constructor Details

    • WeblogicTOPLinkDeploymentTool

      public WeblogicTOPLinkDeploymentTool()
  • Method Details

    • setToplinkdescriptor

      public void setToplinkdescriptor(String inString)
      Setter used to store the name of the toplink descriptor.
      inString - the string to use as the descriptor name.
    • setToplinkdtd

      public void setToplinkdtd(String inString)
      Setter used to store the location of the toplink DTD file. This is expected to be an URL (file or otherwise). If running this on NT using a file URL, the safest thing would be to not use a drive spec in the URL and make sure the file resides on the drive that ANT is running from. This will keep the setting in the build XML platform independent.
      inString - the string to use as the DTD location.
    • getDescriptorHandler

      protected DescriptorHandler getDescriptorHandler(File srcDir)
      Get the descriptor handler.
      getDescriptorHandler in class GenericDeploymentTool
      srcDir - the source file.
      the descriptor handler.
    • addVendorFiles

      protected void addVendorFiles(Hashtable<String,File> ejbFiles, String ddPrefix)
      Add any vendor specific files which should be included in the EJB Jar.
      addVendorFiles in class WeblogicDeploymentTool
      ejbFiles - the hashtable to add files to.
      ddPrefix - the prefix to use.
    • validateConfigured

      public void validateConfigured() throws BuildException
      Called to validate that the tool parameters have been configured.
      Specified by:
      validateConfigured in interface EJBDeploymentTool
      validateConfigured in class WeblogicDeploymentTool
      BuildException - if there is an error.