Class DescriptorHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:
DocumentHandler, DTDHandler, EntityResolver, ErrorHandler

public class DescriptorHandler extends HandlerBase
Inner class used by EjbJar to facilitate the parsing of deployment descriptors and the capture of appropriate information. Extends HandlerBase so it only implements the methods needed. During parsing creates a hashtable consisting of entries mapping the name it should be inserted into an EJB jar as to a File representing the file on disk. This list can then be accessed through the getFiles() method.
  • Field Details

    • currentElement

      protected String currentElement
      Instance variable used to store the name of the current element being processed by the SAX parser. Accessed by the SAX parser call-back methods startElement() and endElement().
    • currentText

      protected String currentText
      The text of the current element
    • ejbFiles

      protected Hashtable<String,File> ejbFiles
      Instance variable that stores the names of the files as they will be put into the jar file, mapped to File objects Accessed by the SAX parser call-back method characters().
    • ejbName

      protected String ejbName
      Instance variable that stores the value found in the <ejb-name> element
  • Constructor Details

    • DescriptorHandler

      public DescriptorHandler(Task task, File srcDir)
      Constructor for DescriptorHandler.
      task - the task that owns this descriptor
      srcDir - the source directory
  • Method Details

    • registerDTD

      public void registerDTD(String publicId, String location)
      Register a dtd with a location. The location is one of a filename, a resource name in the classpath, or a URL.
      publicId - the public identity of the dtd
      location - the location of the dtd
    • resolveEntity

      public InputSource resolveEntity(String publicId, String systemId) throws SAXException
      Resolve the entity.
      Specified by:
      resolveEntity in interface EntityResolver
      resolveEntity in class HandlerBase
      publicId - The public identifier, or null if none is available.
      systemId - The system identifier provided in the XML document. Will not be null.
      an inputsource for this identifier
      SAXException - if there is a problem.
      See Also:
    • getFiles

      public Hashtable<String,File> getFiles()
      Getter method that returns the set of files to include in the EJB jar.
      the map of files
    • getPublicId

      public String getPublicId()
      Get the publicId of the DTD
      the public id
    • getEjbName

      public String getEjbName()
      Getter method that returns the value of the <ejb-name> element.
      the ejb name
    • startDocument

      public void startDocument() throws SAXException
      SAX parser call-back method that is used to initialize the values of some instance variables to ensure safe operation.
      Specified by:
      startDocument in interface DocumentHandler
      startDocument in class HandlerBase
      SAXException - on error
    • startElement

      public void startElement(String name, AttributeList attrs) throws SAXException
      SAX parser call-back method that is invoked when a new element is entered into. Used to store the context (attribute name) in the currentAttribute instance variable.
      Specified by:
      startElement in interface DocumentHandler
      startElement in class HandlerBase
      name - The name of the element being entered.
      attrs - Attributes associated to the element.
      SAXException - on error
    • endElement

      public void endElement(String name) throws SAXException
      SAX parser call-back method that is invoked when an element is exited. Used to blank out (set to the empty string, not nullify) the name of the currentAttribute. A better method would be to use a stack as an instance variable, however since we are only interested in leaf-node data this is a simpler and workable solution.
      Specified by:
      endElement in interface DocumentHandler
      endElement in class HandlerBase
      name - The name of the attribute being exited. Ignored in this implementation.
      SAXException - on error
    • characters

      public void characters(char[] ch, int start, int length) throws SAXException
      SAX parser call-back method invoked whenever characters are located within an element. currentAttribute (modified by startElement and endElement) tells us whether we are in an interesting element (one of the up to four classes of an EJB). If so then converts the classname from the format to the convention for storing such a class, org/apache/tools/ant/Parser.class. This is then resolved into a file object under the srcdir which is stored in a Hashtable.
      Specified by:
      characters in interface DocumentHandler
      characters in class HandlerBase
      ch - A character array containing all the characters in the element, and maybe others that should be ignored.
      start - An integer marking the position in the char array to start reading from.
      length - An integer representing an offset into the char array where the current data terminates.
      SAXException - on error
    • processElement

      protected void processElement()
      Called when an endelement is seen. This may be overridden in derived classes. This updates the ejbfiles if the element is an interface or a bean class. This updates the ejbname if the element is an ejb name.