Class Link.Compression

Enclosing class:

public class Link.Compression extends Object
Child element fully describing compression of a linked image. This includes the level, and optionally, the names of files to compress.
  • Constructor Details

    • Compression

      public Compression()
  • Method Details

    • getLevel

      public Link.CompressionLevel getLevel()
      Required attribute containing level of compression.
      compression level
    • setLevel

      public void setLevel(Link.CompressionLevel level)
      Sets attribute indicating level of compression.
      level - type of compression to apply to linked image
    • createFiles

      public Link.PatternListEntry createFiles()
      Creates a nested element which can specify a pattern of files to compress.
      new, unconfigured child element
    • setFiles

      public void setFiles(String patternList)
      Sets an attribute that represents a list of file patterns to compress in the linked image, as a comma-separated list of PathMatcher patterns or pattern list files.
      patternList - comma-separated list of patterns and/or file names
      See Also:
    • validate

      public void validate()
      Verifies this element's state.
      BuildException - if compression level is not set
      BuildException - if any nested patterns are invalid
    • toCommandLineOption

      public String toCommandLineOption()
      Converts this element to a single jlink option value.
      command line option representing this element's state