Class Link.PatternListEntry

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public class Link.PatternListEntry extends Object
Child element type which specifies a jlink files pattern. Each instance may specify a string PathMatcher pattern or a text file containing a list of such patterns, one per line.
  • Constructor Details

    • PatternListEntry

      public PatternListEntry()
      Creates an unconfigured element.
    • PatternListEntry

      public PatternListEntry(String pattern)
      Creates a new element from either a pattern or listing file. If the argument starts with "@", the remainder of it is assumed to be a listing file; otherwise, it is treated as a PathMatcher pattern.
      pattern - a PathMatcher pattern or @-filename
  • Method Details

    • getPattern

      public String getPattern()
      Returns this element's PathMatcher pattern attribute, if set.
      this element's files pattern
    • setPattern

      public void setPattern(String pattern)
      Sets this element's PathMatcher pattern attribute for matching files.
      pattern - new files pattern
    • getListFile

      public File getListFile()
      Returns this element's list file attribute, if set.
      this element's list file
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    • setListFile

      public void setListFile(File file)
      Sets this element's list file attribute. The file must be a plain text file with one PathMatcher pattern per line.
      file - list file containing patterns
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    • validate

      public void validate()
      Verifies this element's state.
      BuildException - if both pattern and file are set
      BuildException - if neither pattern nor file is set
    • toOptionValue

      public String toOptionValue()
      Converts this element to a jlink command line attribute, either this element's bare pattern, or its list file preceded by "@".
      this element's information converted to a command line value