Class OS2CommandLauncher

  • public class OS2CommandLauncher
    extends CommandLauncherProxy
    A command launcher for OS/2 that uses 'cmd.exe' when launching commands in directories other than the current working directory.

    Unlike Windows NT and friends, OS/2's cd doesn't support the /d switch to change drives and directories in one go.

    • Constructor Detail

      • OS2CommandLauncher

        public OS2CommandLauncher​(CommandLauncher launcher)
    • Method Detail

      • exec

        public java.lang.Process exec​(Project project,
                                      java.lang.String[] cmd,
                                      java.lang.String[] env,
        Launches the given command in a new process, in the given working directory.
        exec in class CommandLauncher
        project - the Ant project.
        cmd - the command line to execute as an array of strings.
        env - the environment to set as an array of strings.
        workingDir - working directory where the command should run.
        the created Process.
        Throws: - forwarded from the exec method of the command launcher.