Class CommandLauncherProxy

Direct Known Subclasses:
MacCommandLauncher, OS2CommandLauncher, PerlScriptCommandLauncher, ScriptCommandLauncher, WinNTCommandLauncher

public class CommandLauncherProxy extends CommandLauncher
A command launcher that proxies another command launcher. Sub-classes override exec(args, env, workdir).
  • Constructor Details

    • CommandLauncherProxy

      protected CommandLauncherProxy(CommandLauncher launcher)
  • Method Details

    • exec

      public Process exec(Project project, String[] cmd, String[] env) throws IOException
      Launches the given command in a new process. Delegates this method to the proxied launcher.
      exec in class CommandLauncher
      project - the Ant project.
      cmd - the command line to execute as an array of strings.
      env - the environment to set as an array of strings.
      the created Process.
      IOException - forwarded from the exec method of the command launcher.