Class War

All Implemented Interfaces:
Cloneable, SelectorContainer

public class War extends Jar

An extension of <jar> to create a WAR archive. Contains special treatment for files that should end up in the WEB-INF/lib, WEB-INF/classes or WEB-INF directories of the Web Application Archive.

(The War task is a shortcut for specifying the particular layout of a WAR file. The same thing can be accomplished by using the prefix and fullpath attributes of zipfilesets in a Zip or Jar task.)

The extended zipfileset element from the zip task (with attributes prefix, fullpath, and src) is available in the War task.

Ant 1.2
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  • Constructor Details

    • War

      public War()
      Constructor for the War Task.
  • Method Details

    • setWarfile

      @Deprecated public void setWarfile(File warFile)
      since 1.5.x. Use setDestFile(File) instead
      Deprecated name of the file to create -use destfile instead.
      warFile - the destination file
    • setWebxml

      public void setWebxml(File descr)
      set the deployment descriptor to use (WEB-INF/web.xml); required unless update=true
      descr - the deployment descriptor file
    • setNeedxmlfile

      public void setNeedxmlfile(boolean needxmlfile)
      Set the policy on the web.xml file, that is, whether or not it is needed
      needxmlfile - whether a web.xml file is needed. Default: true
    • addLib

      public void addLib(ZipFileSet fs)
      add files under WEB-INF/lib/
      fs - the zip file set to add
    • addClasses

      public void addClasses(ZipFileSet fs)
      add files under WEB-INF/classes
      fs - the zip file set to add
    • addWebinf

      public void addWebinf(ZipFileSet fs)
      files to add under WEB-INF;
      fs - the zip file set to add
    • initZipOutputStream

      protected void initZipOutputStream(ZipOutputStream zOut) throws IOException, BuildException
      override of parent; validates configuration before initializing the output stream.
      initZipOutputStream in class Jar
      zOut - the zip output stream
      IOException - on output error
      BuildException - if invalid configuration
    • zipFile

      protected void zipFile(File file, ZipOutputStream zOut, String vPath, int mode) throws IOException
      Overridden from Zip class to deal with web.xml Here are cases that can arise -not a web.xml file : add -first web.xml : add, remember we added it -same web.xml again: skip -alternate web.xml : warn and skip
      zipFile in class Zip
      file - the file to add to the archive
      zOut - the stream to write to
      vPath - the name this entry shall have in the archive
      mode - the Unix permissions to set.
      IOException - on output error
    • cleanUp

      protected void cleanUp()
      Make sure we don't think we already have a web.xml next time this task gets executed.
      cleanUp in class Jar
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