Class SingleCheckExecutor

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    public class SingleCheckExecutor
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Executor
    "Single-check" Target executor implementation. Differs from DefaultExecutor in that the dependencies for all targets are computed together, so that shared dependencies are run just once.
    Ant 1.6.3
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      void executeTargets​(Project project, java.lang.String[] targetNames)
      Execute the specified Targets for the specified Project.
      Executor getSubProjectExecutor()
      Get the appropriate subproject Executor instance.
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      • SingleCheckExecutor

        public SingleCheckExecutor()
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      • executeTargets

        public void executeTargets​(Project project,
                                   java.lang.String[] targetNames)
                            throws BuildException
        Execute the specified Targets for the specified Project..
        Specified by:
        executeTargets in interface Executor
        project - the Ant Project.
        targetNames - String[] of Target names as specified on the command line.
        BuildException - on error
      • getSubProjectExecutor

        public Executor getSubProjectExecutor()
        Get the appropriate subproject Executor instance. This allows the top executor to control what type of executor is used to execute subprojects via <ant>/<antcall>/<subant> and task that extend these. All bundled Executors return a SingleCheckExecutor (running a merged set of depended targets for all targets called) to run sub-builds..
        Specified by:
        getSubProjectExecutor in interface Executor
        an Executor instance.