Class DefaultExecutor

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public class DefaultExecutor extends Object implements Executor
Default Target executor implementation. Runs each target individually (including all of its dependencies). If an error occurs, behavior is determined by the Project's "keep-going" mode.
Ant 1.6.3
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultExecutor

      public DefaultExecutor()
  • Method Details

    • executeTargets

      public void executeTargets(Project project, String[] targetNames) throws BuildException
      Execute the specified Targets for the specified Project..
      Specified by:
      executeTargets in interface Executor
      project - the Ant Project.
      targetNames - String[] of Target names as specified on the command line.
      BuildException - on error
    • getSubProjectExecutor

      public Executor getSubProjectExecutor()
      Get the appropriate subproject Executor instance. This allows the top executor to control what type of executor is used to execute subprojects via <ant>/<antcall>/<subant> and task that extend these. All bundled Executors return a SingleCheckExecutor (running a merged set of depended targets for all targets called) to run sub-builds..
      Specified by:
      getSubProjectExecutor in interface Executor
      an Executor instance.