Use with maven poms


If you want to use a maven pom.xml instead of ivy.xml file, you just have to select a pom file in the configuration form of IvyDE class path.
When a maven pom is selected, the configurations list is updated with all maven scopes.

Both examples below are a good illustration of maven pom use simplicity :

Maven1 Sample

This sample presents a simple use case of maven pom for IvyDE class path container. We are going to create an eclipse project on commons-httpclient sources.

- Download the commons httpclient sources

- Unzip this file (c:/tmp/commons-httpclient/)

- Create a new Eclipse java project based on the unzipped sources (c:/tmp/commons-httpclient/)

Notes: your project do not compile: some imports cannot be resolved.

- Add a new class path container based on the "project.xml" pom and select "default" configuration (maven scope)

- That's all : your project compiles !

Maven2 Sample

This sample shows that IvyDE Class path container on a Maven2 pom can handle transitive dependancies.

- Create a new empty java project in eclipse.

- In your Ivy project configuration, set the ivy conf file below (Project/Properties/Ivy):

<conf defaultResolver="ibiblio-maven2"/>
<ibiblio name="ibiblio-maven2" m2compatible="true" />

Using the m2compatible attribute, you can benefit from Maven2 repository compatibility.

- Add the pom below in your project and select it for an IvyDE class path container choosing "compile" and "runtime" configurations.


- That's all ! Your IvyDE class path container gets all dependencies even those that were transitive to the commons-httpclient module !

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